Discover Croatia

Discover natural attractions of Croatia – a Green Guide for Children



Discover natural attractions of Croatia in an interesting and fun way!

Croatia is rich in natural attractions and diversity and is also one of ecologically best preserved areas in Europe. Travelling through Croatia with the Green Guide, you will discover attractions and gems hidden in deep forests, on steep hillsides, in the depths of the sea…

Imaginative illustrations and amazing photographs bring to life Croatian national and nature parks, fascinating facts about plants and animals, and everything else that makes the nature in Croatia attractive, special and wonderful.

A Green Guide for Children inspires an interest in nature and environment protection. Interesting facts and explanations are highlighted, so you can easily find answers to questions such as:

  • Where can I see the highest waterfall and the deepest pit?
  • How can I find a lynx or track a wolf?
  • Which mountain range is the longest and where can I find the largest number of protected areas?
  • What is Croatian škrgavica and are there other animals or plants with Croatian names?
  • Are there plants and animals that live only in Croatia?
  • Which plant lives up to a thousand years and which animal only two weeks?
  • What is bird ringing and is there a bank of feathers?

Your amazing journey through Croatia is about to start!

Discover Croatia is a set of children’s books that will help parents travelling with children, as well as teachers and educators, to encourage children to learn about this amazing country in a fun way.

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Autor: Roberta Šimunić

Ilustrator: Gordana Ivković

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